Okay, tumblr, listen up.
I go to castro valley high school in California, and they allow sexual assault and blame the victim. Let me explain.
The boys’ name is devin Bartlett. On September 25, he and a bunch of other guys followed my best friend, lizzy, to the parking lot. Then, preceded to punch her, kick her, and grab her inappropriately. All the while saying slurs like ” jailbait, slut, whore”. On school grounds. She escaped, and they were laughing at her as she ran and cried. We don’t know who the other kids were, but we do know that this kid, devin, was there. They’d had dirt before; he had kicked her, threatened her, and earlier that day he had thrown coke at her face. She emailed me that night, stating how terrified she was. I had to convince her to go to school the next day, and had to convince her to tell the office. And when she finally did, the campus police officer accused her of lying, multiple times. Repeating ” we can get you in a lot of trouble for filing a false report”, throughout her meeting with the campus police. He then said to her “nothing will happen to him; it won’t go on his record, he won’t get suspended, because we can’t prove it was him. But, we will send him to anger management”. THEY DONT BELIEVE HE WAS INVOLVED, BUT WILL SEND HIM TO ANGER MANAGEMENT, PROVING THAT THEY BELIEVE HE WAS INVOLVED. The police accused her of doing it for attention. WHICH DOESNT MAKE SENSE WHEN SHE HAD THE BRUISES *pictured above, three days after the incident*, AND DIDNT WANT TO TELL ANYONE IN THE FIRSTPLACE. So in response to this, she asked them to review the cameras. They denied, saying those cameras don’t work and never have.
And no, this is not the first time this school has blamed the victim for a SERIOUS CRIME. Last year, lizzy and I were threatened, multiple times, by a boy with a KNIFE. And the school did NOTHING! Even threatening to get her in trouble for being a “snitch” and “boys will be boys”. THIS IS ILLEGAL. OUR SAFETY WAS DISREGARDED SO THE SCHOOL COULD CONTINUE ITS LAZINESS. I do not know why he won’t get in trouble. Maybe it’s sexism, maybe it’s blatant laziness. But, the reason I’m posting this, is that maybe we can make him fucking infamous. Make his face known as the boy who hits and sexually assaults girls, and gets away with it. Multiple girls at my school are wearing whistles around our necks as a sign of protest. We do not feel safe on campus. So please, SIGNAL BOOST THE FUCK OUT OF THIS. FOR JUSTICE

what the fuck. what the fuck. please signal boost this, i know some people at this school and it is way too close to home

Fuck this shit. It really is the wild west all over. I swear to God ig we resort to lynch mobs to get justice I wont even be suprised.